Q: Hi, Pat. I recently read that Fairfax has increased its holdings in Torstar up to 40% of non-voting shares. There’s also the suggestion that Fairfax’s plan may be to take the company private. Can you enlighten me on what “taking a company private” entails? Are shareholders bought out? And if they are, at what price and how is the price determined? I appreciate your advice and I look forward to your response.

A: Fairfax Financial (symbol FFH on Toronto), now holds 40.6% of the class B non-voting shares of Torstar Corp., $1.56, symbol TS.B on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 80.8 million; Market cap: $126.9 million; www.torstar.com).

Torstar insiders own 100% of the class A voting stock. Those insiders are… Read More

Borrowing to invest—the pros and cons

While interest rates remain near historic lows, borrowing money to invest continues to look like an attractive investment strategy.

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