Highly-speculative investments rarely, if ever, pay off

Buying highly-speculative investments such as penny stocks is especially risky. So it’s important to use our three-part philosophy to build your overall portfolio
High-risk, high-reward investors are typically drawn to highly-speculative investments.\

Here’s why that’s not a great long-term strategy.

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Be wary of penny stocks, which are very… Read More

Potash Corp. & Agrium Inc. merger should pay off

Potash Corp. & Agrium Inc. merger should pay off

Agrium Inc. has now completed its merger with Potash Corp. The new combined company, Nutrien, has benefited from higher commodity prices and better-than-expected cost cutting following the merger. This industry giant has also made strategic acquisitions to further spur its earnings.

The company has raised its… Read More

Barclays plc focuses on its turnaround

Barclays plc focuses on its turnaround

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on a U.K.-based bank and financial services giant that provides retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking and wealth management services.

Pat notes that the attention of activist investors, plus the improving results… Read More

Trading Penny Stocks comes with lots of ways to lose money

If you think you can make big money trading penny stocks, think again. These shares rarely have significant investment value
Penny stocks are often traded “over the counter” or on the “pink sheets” (a holdover term from when over-the-counter stock quotes were printed on pink paper),… Read More