Two new ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we look at two recently listed Canadian ETFs. One aims to capture its gains from the “metaverse” and the other from sports and entertainment.
EVOLVE METAVERSE ETF $9.27 (Toronto symbol MESH) invests mainly in North American companies involved in the development of the “metaverse.” The metaverse is… Read More

Here are new ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we look at two Canadian-listed ETFs that focus on global healthcare. The first is from CI Investments and holds a broad portfolio of healthcare providers. The second is from Horizons Asset Management, and it has a narrower mandate to select companies involved in… Read More

Q: Hello, Pat, et al: I would be very interested in reading your comments on the ETF trading under the symbol XDIV. Thanks.

A: iShares Core MSCI Canadian Quality Dividend Index ETF, $24.36, symbol XDIV on Toronto (Units outstanding: 22.2 million; Market cap: $540.8 million;, tracks the MSCI Canada High Dividend Yield 10% Security Capped Index.

This index aims to invest in Canadian stocks with above-average dividend yields… Read More

Here are 3 ways to gain from commodities

Commodity production is capital intensive with long development times. Producers face considerable costs to establish or replace mines, oilfields, and so on, or build processing, storage and transportation facilities. This means that the selling prices of their products can vary significantly from the time of… Read More

Japan: Poised for a post-COVID-19 recovery

The Japanese economy ranks among the top 5 in the world and hosts some of the most-profitable global corporations. The economy is, however, hamstrung by a declining and rapidly aging population. Still, an older population also presents opportunities, and Japanese companies are already coming up… Read More

They give you low-fee access to top stocks

Fund management expenses (MERs) can eat up a substantial proportion of your investment returns over time. That’s one reason why ETFs have become very popular. But there’s a segment of those funds with even lower MERs. Below, we analyze three of those ETFs providing investors… Read More

Africa’s big potential comes with risks

The world’s second largest continent, Africa, has equally big potential. Where several of its national economies remain focused on growth, other African countries continue to grapple with weak corporate governance structures, poverty and military conflicts. Those factors have helped to hold back economic development. However,… Read More

This Hong Kong ETF is a gateway to China

Hong Kong’s sound infrastructure—physical, administrative and financial—positions it as a gateway for foreign companies and investors seeking access to China. But those favourable factors also let Chinese companies gain easy access to international capital through Hong Kong’s highly developed financial markets.
Here is one ETF that… Read More