Keep it simple when investing in ETFs

These two ETFs scored well at the annual Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards. That reflects their performance over the last three years, along with their scores in other key areas.

However, we continue to recommend investors limit their ETF selection to funds that track established… Read More

Trading vs investing—which strategy has the biggest payoff?

Trading vs investing—which strategy has the biggest payoff?

What will make me the most money—trading vs investing? That’s a question many investors ask. The answers may surprise you.

Long-term wealth-building strategies aren’t built by aiming for outsized returns. They are built over time, and most importantly, by learning how not to repeat the market… Read More

What is Pat’s commentary for the week of May 14, 2013?

The ETF, or exchange traded fund, is the biggest advance for individual investors since the introduction of discount brokers. But keep in mind that ETFs are a limited-purpose investing tool.

You might think of an ETF as a discount version of a mutual fund. Instead of… Read More

Conservative investing: When to sell a weak performer

When investors ask us about our conservative investing strategy, they often wonder when they should dump a weak stock from their portfolio and replace it with something new.

Knowing when to sell is part of our conservative investing strategy that we cover in our new… Read More

Parrot sticks with high-quality stock market picks

We recently read the Yahoo news story of Ddalgi (Korean for “Strawberry”), a five-year-old parrot from Papua, New Guinea, who competed with 10 human investors in a stock-picking contest in South Korea.

Strawberry’s stock market picks reportedly posted a 13.7% return. While not good enough… Read More