Q: Hi, Pat. I’m looking for some help here. What has the biggest impact on pipeline companies such as TransCanada and Enbridge: The evolution of interest rates or the evolution of oil and natural gas prices? And in terms of sectors, are pipeline operators more resource stocks or utilities? Thank you.

A: A range of factors—both industry-wide and company specific—affect pipeline stocks.

In general, pipelines have dropped lately along with the market. But their stock prices have also been hurt by investor concerns over rising interest rates. As rates rise, utilities are perceived to suffer because they… Read More

Two of these three Canadian ETFs are buys

Two of these three Canadian ETFs are buys

Each of these three ETFs hold mostly high-quality stocks traded on Canadian exchanges. Each fund mirrors the performance of a major stock index or sub-index.  That sets them apart from ETFs that focus on narrower indexes or themes such as social media or solar power.

Although… Read More