Enbridge targets even more growth

Utility investors fear that rising interest rates will boost the appeal of bonds and so hurt the shares of high-yielding utility stocks like Enbridge. However, bond investors have to treat interest payments they receive as regular income. As a result, they pay higher taxes on… Read More

Focus on high yields that are sustainable

High-yielding ETFs have appeal for income-seeking investors. The income they provide can also provide a buffer in declining markets. However, you need to look closely at the strategies that let those ETFs pay their high yields—and whether they are worth the risks.
Below we look at… Read More

Emera’s rising dividend is a big plus

Emera’s shares recently hit a new all-time high. That in part reflects the ongoing success of its Florida power utility, acquired in 2016.
Historically low interest rates in the past few years have also spurred investor demand for high-yielding utility stocks like Emera. Even though interest… Read More

These four utilities still top bonds

Although it looks like interest rates will start moving up again in 2022, we continue to prefer high-quality utility stocks over holding bonds.
The four utility stocks below are top alternatives to bonds given their long track records of increasing their dividends even as rising interest… Read More