Reasons to put defensive stocks in your portfolio

Reasons to put defensive stocks in your portfolio

‘Defensive stocks’ can protect your portfolio against economic or stock market downturns
Most so-called “defensive stocks” are in the Consumer sector. They benefit from continuous, habitual use and have a steady core of sales, regardless of the economy and business cycles. These companies typically make products… Read More

Beware rules of thumb

Here’s an Excerpt from a recent issue of Advice for Inner Circle Pro Members:
“Early in my investment career, I developed a keen interest in what we called “investor rules of thumb.” Here are some random examples:
“Stocks trading at a P/E ratio of 10 times per-share… Read More

Lower costs should protect your dividends

As demand for their traditional products slows due to changing consumer tastes, Saputo and Molson are cutting their costs. Those savings will help them develop new products, and let them keep raising your dividends.
SAPUTO INC. $33 is still a hold. The company (Toronto symbol SAP; High-Growth Payer… Read More

Utilities: Stable growth adds to their appeal

As a group, higher-yielding stocks, such as utilities, have lagged the broader indexes over the past decade. Part of that was due a preference by many investors for faster growing tech stocks such as Netflix, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and so on.
Moreover, utilities and other other… Read More