Q: Pat, what do you think of Bridgemarq Real Estate Services? It has recently changed its name, but has anything else changed? Is the dividend safe? Thank you.

A: Bridgemarq Real Estate Services, $13.90, symbol BRE on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 9.5 million; Market cap: $132.5 million; www.bridgemarq.com), is a leading provider of services to residential real estate brokers. Its network is comprised of 19,046 real estate agents working with 337 broker-owners, who operate 671… Read More

Q: Pat, we really appreciate the research and information you and your team provide. Could you please give us your opinion on possible investment in Boston Pizza Royalties Fund (BPF-UN.TO)? Thanks.

A: Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund, $17.53, symbol BPF.UN on Toronto (Units outstanding: 21.8 million; Market cap: $382.2 million; www.bpincomefund.com), holds certain trademarks and trade names used by Boston Pizza International at its Boston Pizza restaurants in Canada (but not those in the U.S. and… Read More