Canada’s new marijuana laws don’t make Canadian Marijuana stocks a ‘buy’

Canada’s new marijuana laws don’t make Canadian Marijuana stocks a ‘buy’

Why decriminalization of marijuana and investment by big Canadian names doesn’t change our opinion of Canadian Marijuana stocks
Interest in Canadian marijuana stocks stems from Fall 2018’s legalization of recreational cannabis. Today, investors continue to search for ways to tap in to those sales and profit from future growth. The federal government’s legislation… Read More

Revenue’s up 30.4% at Allied Properties REIT

Revenue’s up 30.4% at Allied Properties REIT

Allied has grown steadily by acquisition, and in 2019 it spent $536 million on properties.

That includes new assets in Montreal, which led to a 6.0% jump in cash flow for the REIT in the most-recent quarter.

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Value stocks can still spur investors gains

For our subscribers, we’ve long highlighted the benefits of “value investing.” As an investment style it has, over time, performed better than the overall market. The MSCI World Value Index, for example, has outperformed the MSCI World Growth Index by 2.1% per year since 1975… Read More

Fossil fuels will challenge investor returns

Companies involved in the production of carbon-based energy have generally underperformed for investors over the past several years (see table at right).
Volatile commodity prices are nothing new to the industry, with both oil and natural gas prices now at about half the highs reached in… Read More

You stand to benefit from their activism

Our approach to investing has a lot in common with activist investment firms. Like us, they’re always on the look out for companies with hidden assets that can be used to increase investor value. We see particularly strong value in a company’s ability to generate… Read More