More ways to boost your post-COVID returns

While some businesses—and especially “work-from-home” stocks like Zoom—have thrived during the pandemic, others continue to suffer. This includes airlines, hotels, movie theatres, automakers, oil and gas producers and many brick-and-mortar retailers.
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Q: Thanks for your ongoing guidance. Could you please offer your view on the Vanguard Value ETF (VTV)? Does it complement the Vanguard Growth ETF (VUG), which you recommend? Thanks!

A: The Vanguard Value ETF, $106.79, symbol VTV on New York (Units outstanding: 475.3 million; Market cap: $51.1 billion; focuses on large-cap value stocks, using the following ratios to identify value: book value to price, forward earnings (estimates) to price, historic earnings to price,… Read More

Make room for ‘value’ in your ETF portfolio

Value investing is one of several investment styles that have over time performed better than the overall market. Other long-term styles with strong track records include small companies, low volatility stocks, and high-quality companies.
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These value ETFs set you up for portfolio gains

As their name implies, value stocks trade lower than their fundamentals would suggest. Investors perceive them as undervalued with the potential to rise. Even so, it’s best for you to zero in on the shares of quality companies with a consistent history of sales and… Read More

These ETFs aim to spot value

By definition, value stocks trade lower than their fundamentals suggest. They are perceived as undervalued, and have the potential to rise. When you look for stocks that are undervalued—or the ETFs that hold them— it’s best to focus on shares of quality companies with a.. Read More

These ETFs aim for value stocks

Here are two ETFs that emphasize value investing in their stock selection. Academic studies suggest that, on average, value stocks can produce better results than growth investing. Still, it’s important to look closely to see if they’re truly undervalued. They may, after all, only be… Read More