Our top three picks for 2023

Here are your three top U.S. stock picks for 2023—one from each of our Conservative, Aggressive and Income portfolios.
All three stocks are market leaders, which should give them an advantage if the economy slows. Moreover, new investment in their businesses position them for many more… Read More

These ETFs profit from steady demand

Traditionally, the price of most stocks, and the ETFs that hold them, drop during bear markets like the one we saw in 2022. However, certain segments generally perform better than the overall market during downturns—and bounce back faster, including during the 2000-2002 and 2008-2009 bear… Read More

5G will help your top telcos rebound

AT&T and Verizon have both dropped since the start of 2022, mainly because rising interest rates have prompted income-seeking investors to buy bonds instead. Higher rates are also making it more expensive for them to build out their new ultrafast 5G wireless networks.
We feel the… Read More

Shift to 5G will pay off for investors

These two leading U.S. telecoms are aggressively expanding their ultrafast 5G (fifth generation) wireless networks. 5G users tend to spend more than current 4G users, and that extra cash flow should support dividend increases over the next several years for investors in both firms.
AT&T INC… Read More

Telecommunications ETFs aim to tap 5G

Telecommunications form an integral part of economic infrastructure. At the same time, strict licensing standards and high capital requirements result in considerable barriers to entry for any firms trying to enter the industry. That helps explain why top telecommunication companies—plus the firms that supply their… Read More

Infrastructure ETFs offer stability

Governments around the world know the benefits that flow from upgrading infrastructure. However, stretched budgets because of the pandemic—as well as a reluctance to raise taxes—have limited the ability of governments to initiate new projects or to even expand existing ones. That reality nonetheless provides… Read More

Get 5G growth and high dividend yields

In the past two years, AT&T and Verizon have shed their media and other businesses. That will let them focus on their main telecommunications operations, particularly as each of the companies rolls out its new, ultrafast 5G wireless networks.
So far, 5G users generate higher revenue… Read More