Q: Pat, I have been looking for an ETF that would pay dividends and allow me to invest in the best companies throughout the world. Could you please give me your comments on the iShares Core MSCI Global Quality Dividend Index ETF?

A: The iShares Core MSCI Global Quality Dividend Index ETF, $20.19, symbol XDG on Toronto (Units outstanding: 7.1 million; Market cap: $143.3 million; www.blackrock.com/ca) aims to track the MSCI World High Dividend Yield Index.

The focus of the iShares Core MSCI Global Quality Dividend Index ETF… Read More

Q: Thanks for your ongoing guidance. Could you please offer your view on the Vanguard Value ETF (VTV)? Does it complement the Vanguard Growth ETF (VUG), which you recommend? Thanks!

A: The Vanguard Value ETF, $106.79, symbol VTV on New York (Units outstanding: 475.3 million; Market cap: $51.1 billion; www.vanguard.com) focuses on large-cap value stocks, using the following ratios to identify value: book value to price, forward earnings (estimates) to price, historic earnings to price,… Read More

COVID-19 boosts the appeal of Utilities ETFs

Central banks are keeping interest rates down in order to counter the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. (The Supplement on page 69 offers you more info on how high deficits and low interest rates in the wake of the coronavirus will affect governments going… Read More

Utilities can steer you to gains in this market

Below, we continue our look at industries and sectors that tend to reward investors in bear markets. That includes utilities, communications services, and healthcare ETFs. While those funds are generally less exposed to the ups and downs of the economic cycle, they also tend to… Read More