Profit from the shift to plastic

The number of debit and credit card transactions continue to rise as more and more consumers make payments with plastic instead of cash. Widening interest in online shopping has also helped spur demand for electronic payment processing .

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Five buys to enhance your Finance holdings

Higher interest rates, and plans by the U.S. Federal Reserve to further raise them, have spurred big gains for U.S. bank stocks. They’ve also lifted the outlook for other Finance-sector companies.
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Growth Stocks: Visa technology spurs dividends

Growth Stocks: Visa technology spurs dividends

The world’s largest electronic payments network has announced plans to increase its dividend in 2017 as it focuses on new technology and services to fuel its growth.
VISA INC. (New York symbol V; operates the world’s largest electronic payments network, through which it processes credit,… Read More

Visa enhances its special appeal

Dear client,
Visa seems expensive in relation to its earnings. However, we feel the company’s low-risk business model and strong prospects justify this multiple.
For example, as a payment processor, Visa doesn’t suffer when credit card users fall behind on their payments. The company also stands… Read More

Q: Pat: Could you please give me your opinion on two American closed-end funds: Liberty All-Star Equity Fund and AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund? The yields are great on each fund and you are getting their holdings at a discount. Thank you in advance.

A: Liberty All-Star Equity Fund, $5.22, symbol USA on New York (Units outstanding: 186.8 million; Market cap: $975.1 million;, is a closed-end fund that aims to combine the stock recommendations of three value-style and two growth-style investment managers.
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