Toronto-Dominion Bank offers a 3.8% yield

Toronto-Dominion Bank offers a 3.8% yield

Improved earnings from retail operations on both sides of the border contributed to a 7.9% revenue boost for this bank during the most-recent quarter.

A key wealth management acquisition is also set to add to its revenue and help support its annual dividend increases.

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A 4.2% yield adds to Bank of Montreal’s appeal

A 4.2% yield adds to Bank of Montreal’s appeal

Canadian and U.S. retail banking and wealth management led to a 26.4% revenue jump over the most-recent quarter.

Cost cutting from increased online banking is also helping the bank improve its efficiency ratio.

The stock trades at just 10.3 times the company’s 2019 earnings forecast.

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Q: Dear TSI team, could you share your opinion on WELL Health Technologies Corporation? My quick guess is that you will find it at best (highly) risky, but I’d still like to hear your valuable thoughts. Thank you!

A: WELL Health Technologies Corp., $1.68, symbol WELL on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Shares outstanding: 94.6 million; Market cap: $161.5 million;, provides Electronic Medical Records software and services to a network of 852 medical clinics (of which it owns 19). It serves over 4,000 doctors… Read More