Never underestimate the power of Canadian dividend stocks

Never underestimate the power of Canadian dividend stocks

Canadian dividend stocks can produce as much as a third of your total return over your investing lifetime.

We think that Canadian dividend stocks rarely get the respect they deserve from investors. But with today’s low interest rates, savvy investors are paying more attention… Read More

The pros and cons of Dividend Reinvestment Plans

The pros and cons of Dividend Reinvestment Plans

You enjoy certain advantages with Dividend Reinvestment Plans, but don’t overrate them—they shouldn’t be the sole reason you invest in a stock.

Dividends are in fashion with investors right now, and that’s always a good thing. As well, some companies provide dividend reinvestment plans,… Read More

How to spot the best Canadian dividend stocks

Top-quality Canadian dividend stocks offer investors a unique blend of long-term cash flow and tax benefits.

At TSI Network we think Canadian dividend stocks are some of the best investments you can own.
Dividends rarely get the respect they deserve, especially from… Read More

Tap into the global stock market in 3 easy ways

Profiting from the global stock market has never been easier for investors

High-quality stocks in the global stock market are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Moreover, many emerging markets, like China and India, have strong growth prospects. That’s because their population… Read More

What is a dividend capture strategy?

Investors who use a dividend capture strategy hope to sell a stock for as much as they paid for it and “capture” the dividend at no cost.

Dividend stocks can lead you to better investment returns and tax advantages. But can a dividend capture… Read More

Dividend dates explained

There are two fundamental things you should know about making growth stock picks.

Dividend stocks are an essential part of a good conservative investing philosophy. But there are certain details you should know about the way dividends are paid out.
Here are a number… Read More

What is a dollar cost averaging strategy?

Using a dollar cost averaging strategy is one of the best systematic ways to make money in the stock market.

A dollar-cost averaging strategy involves investing equal amounts of money over a specific period ($200 a month, say).
It’s a little like… Read More