U.S. businesses spur earnings for Fortis Inc.

U.S. businesses spur earnings for Fortis Inc.

Stronger earnings from this company’s U.S. operations as well as favourable currency movements helped lift its overall earnings by 10.9% in the most-recent quarter.

A series of recent U.S. acquisitions means the company now gets about 65% of its earnings from businesses south of the border.

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AltaGas split produces two buys

AltaGas is now focused on high-growth U.S. opportunities. That follows the company’s move to set up its Canadian businesses as AltaGas Canada and sell shares in the new firm to the public. The proceeds helped AltaGas pay for a big U.S. utility to spur its… Read More

More to Fortis than dividends

Several factors recommend Fortis as our top Income Portfolio buy for 2019. They include the company’s long history of annual dividend hikes and its plan to continue raising that payment over the next five years. Fortis has plenty of room to meet that goal: it… Read More

TransAlta Renewables’ 7% yield is powered by wind

TransAlta Renewables’ 7% yield is powered by wind

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his views on one of Canada’s largest generators of wind power. The company is also among the country’s largest publicly traded renewable power firms.

Pat notes that renewable energy relies heavily on government subsidies, although the… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. Your opinion on AltaGas, please. Thanks.

A: AltaGas Ltd., $17.89, symbol ALA on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 275.4 million; Market cap: $4.9 billion; www.altagas.ca), processes, transports, stores and markets natural gas for producers. It also operates natural gas utilities and is a power generator, with gas-fired, coal-fired, wind, biomass and hydroelectric plants… Read More

The Best Conservative ETFs Will Follow These Investment Rules

Exchange traded funds can offer lower-risk, steady returns, and low management fees. But you need to choose wisely, and focus on the best conservative ETFs
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