Tap into global growth with Yum

World stock market investing remains risky. That’s because many emerging countries have language barriers, weak investor-protection laws, less commitment to openness, fairness and so on.

A better way for North American investors to profit from rapid overseas growth is by investing in well-established, multinational U.S. companies… Read More

World Stock Market: ABB earnings jump in latest quarter

ABB LTD. ADRs, New York symbol ABB, manufactures transformers, transmission switches and other equipment for distributing electricity. It also makes automation systems and robotics that increase the productivity of manufacturing plants. Switzerland-based ABB has clients in a variety of industries. The company is one of… Read More

3 ways to cut your risk in world stock market investing

High-quality foreign stocks are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Moreover, many fast-growing markets, like China and India, have positive outlooks. That’s because their people are generally younger than North Americans, and rising incomes are helping more of them advance into the middle class.

Even… Read More