5G is set to spur Verizon’s 4.3% yield

The company’s plan to cut its long-term operating costs by $10 billion should help offset the $18 billion upgrade of its wireless networks to 5G.

At the same time, it’s just completed the integration of its Internet properties into a new division.

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These telcos have a winning formula

Both AT&T and Verizon aim to fuel long-term demand for their wireless, TV and high-speed Internet services with the same two-pronged strategy.
Each is investing heavily in new 5G technology, which will speed up wireless transmissions and bring high-speed Internet access to less-populated areas. Both companies… Read More

New businesses enhance these telcos

To cut their reliance on phone services, these U.S. telecom giants continue to expand with new businesses. Those moves should also continue to spur their dividend growth.
AT&T INC. $31 (New York symbol T; Income Portfolio, Utilities sector; Shares o/s: 7.3 billion; Market cap: $226.3 billion; Price-to-sales… Read More

Leaders in cybersecurity meet rising demand

Hackers, organized crime and even state-sponsored actors are increasingly targeting government and business infrastructure, not to mention individuals, to gain access to confidential information. The list of targets is endless but any entity that is digitally connected is vulnerable. E-commerce, commercial supply management and payment… Read More

Cannabis in the news October 3, 2018

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1. Pot smokers in Ontario will soon be able to light up in public—wherever cigarette smoking is legal.

The province’s attorney general made the announcement last week, looking ahead to Oct. 17 when recreational pot use becomes legal. The policy change loosens rules… Read More