Look Beyond Oil for Resources Profit

Article Excerpt

When your choose investments from the Resources sector, it’s a mistake to zero in on any one commodity, such as oil. Far better to give yourself exposure to several different commodities. Diversification within the sector cuts your risk without hurting your profit potential. In addition, remember that you can profit from the ongoing Resources boom by investing in companies that sell to businesses in the sector. Here are five top buys for exposure to the boom in Resources. FINNING INTERNATIONAL INC. $38 (Toronto symbol FTT; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; SI Rating: Above average) profits from rising oil and mineral prices, since it sells, rents and services Caterpillar brand heavy equipment to energy exploration and mining companies. Finning earned $0.63 a share (total $56.9 million) in the first quarter of 2006, up 50% from $0.42 a share ($37.4 million) a year earlier. If you exclude gains on the sale of assets, it would have earned $0.53 a share in the most recent…

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