Still a time for buying

Article Excerpt

Here’s an Excerpt from the May 20 issue of Advice for Inner Circle Pro Members: “You may recall that we said in mid-March that ‘…the bulk of the damage to the stock market may be behind us.’ The Dow and other indexes hit bottom within a week. Generally speaking, stock prices have been rising ever since. Based on lots of things I’m looking at, I’m still reasonably sure that stock prices will be higher in a year or two than they are today. But the market rarely goes straight up or down. Instead we should expect a series of abrupt movements in either direction. I’ll say more about that soon. To sum up, our current advice is simple: now is a good time to buy stocks, if you follow our three-part Successful Investor approach and can afford to stay invested for a couple of years.” Click here for more information on the Inner Circle Pro and how members are benefiting. COVID-19 has heightened risk for REITs. But we still think that top trusts…

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