Top pharmaceutical stocks to buy to power your portfolio returns

Article Excerpt

We’ve generally stayed out of drug stocks for much of the two decades before 2020, but that changed in the last year or two. In fact, we now expect to see many great investment opportunities in drug stocks throughout the 2020s. You could say this is related to COVID-19, but it was going to happen anyway, due to regulatory and research developments that were already underway. COVID-19 simply gives it a boost. Why we held off on drug stocks In the first few years after our 1994 launch of The Successful Investor, we recommended several drug stocks. We agreed with the widespread notion that the drug industry was headed for a boom, if only because the baby boomers were reaching a time in life where they had more age-related health problems. By 1998 or so, we decided drug stock prices were too high in relation to current earnings. These stocks needed major growth to justify current stock prices, let alone go higher. So, we…

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