Torstar Gains from the Web

Article Excerpt

Newspaper publishers have lost ad revenue to Internet-focused companies like Google and Craigslist. This new competition has also pushed down ad rates. But Torstar continues to adapt to these new trends by quickly building its Internet presence and revenues. It’s already the leader in the publishing field, and it’s now arranging its business to profit from synergies among paper publishing, the Internet, radio and TV. Torstar now aims as well to integrate content and ads in a way that makes them both more valuable. For instance, if it publishes a story about a particular neighborhood in its print edition, it can sell links within the Internet version of that story, to take readers directly to ads for homes in that neighbourhood. That’s apt to deliver better returns to advertisers. Torstar already has limited risk and lots of growth potential with its newspaper and other media interests. Its expanding Internet presence just adds to its prospects. TORSTAR CORP. $20 (Toronto symbol TS.B; Conservative Growth…

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