Updating our Index

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Our Successful Investor Hotline is a key part of our three-part service (including the monthly advisory and Portfolios supplement). The goal of our Hotline is to keep you up to date with our market outlook and changes in our advice. The Hotline is available to our subscribers by phone and email. We update it 44 or more times per year. To make our Hotline even more useful, we have begun including it in our Index of stocks and subjects that we analyzed in the year to date. The latest edition of the Index goes out with this issue. If you have email access, we urge you to take advantage of free email delivery of our Hotline. That way, you get a text copy of the Hotline automatically, which you can save on your computer. To arrange for email delivery of the Hotline, just email your request to service@thesuccesssfulinvestor.com. Be sure to include the name and address under which you subscribe. We’ll then send you a..