When to Go Crazy

Article Excerpt

A member of my Inner Circle recently asked a question that many clients may have wondered about. “Have you ever felt like mortgaging the house to load up on an investment? If so, what was it and when? Also, considering the current correction, are you bullish longer term on any particular sector or is it too early to project that at this time?” The short answer to the first question is no. But we often do single out a ‘stock of the year’. When we like a stock enough to give it that status, we feel all our clients should own it, if it fits their investment objectives. For instance, in 2006 and again at the start of this year, we bestowed that stock-of-the-year honour on AGRIUM INC. $53 (Toronto symbol AGU). We felt it was sure to gain from the coming boom in agricultural commodities. It has lived up to our expectations, rising roughly 75% in the past 12 months. However, we now…

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