Colombia’s future holds promise but also risks

Article Excerpt

Despite its decades-long image as a violent, drug-cartel-controlled country, Colombia entered a new phase of stability in 2016 when the government signed a peace accord with the FARC guerilla group. Since then, the Colombian economy has fared relatively well compared to its peers in South America. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the country’s economy, but the government’s response has received international recognition. The economy is expected to bounce back even stronger once its main export markets recover. Here’s an ETF that provides investors with exposure to the top Colombian publicly listed companies. GLOBAL X MSCI COLOMBIA ETF $29.90 (New York symbol GXG; TSI Network ETF Rating: Aggressive; Market cap: $38.0 million) tracks the performance of the largest publicly listed Colombian companies. Financial Services account for 42% of the ETF’s assets while Utilities (20%), Energy (20%), and Basic Materials (9%) are other key segments. The ETF holds a portfolio of 23 stocks; the top 10 holdings make up a high 70% of its assets. They are Grupo Bancolombia (Financials,…

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