ETF Performance: A tough 2018

Article Excerpt

The year turned out to be tough globally for most asset classes. The Vanguard Total Bond Index ETF (BND) lost 3% over the year while the Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF (VT) lost 12.5% after big final quarter losses. Real Estate, as measured by the iShares Global REIT ETF (REET), lost 9.8%. With a broad basket of commodities, Invesco Commodity ETF (DBC) lost 12.7%. In 2018, stock markets in developed countries performed as poorly as emerging markets: the Vanguard FTSE Developed Market ETF (VEA) was down by 17.5%, while the iShares Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) lost 16.3%. The iShares MSCI Canada Equity ETF (EWC) lost 19.5%, as stock prices and the Canadian dollar were dragged down by weaker commodity prices. The U.S. market fared a little better, with a loss of 7.5% for the SPDR S&P500 Index ETF (SPY). However, European equities suffered more, with the Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF (VGK) down by 18.1%. 18.1%….

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