These ETFs offer you precious-metal gains

Article Excerpt

Investors saw gold jump to almost $1,700 U.S. an ounce in February 2020 for the first time in seven years. The leap was mostly due to uncertainty about how the coronavirus will impact the global economy and, in turn, stock prices. Gold has since dropped back below $1,653. A health issue like the coronavirus sparks investor worries, due to the risk of economic losses. The virus will have a negative economic impact for some parts of the world more than others. But much of the affected business activity may simply be delayed, rather than lost entirely. Meanwhile, we don’t see precious metals as essential for a sound portfolio. But if inflation rises, gold and gold stocks will attract new interest. As well, when the world economy resumes its expansion, particularly in emerging economies where gold is seen as a way to store wealth, consumer purchases of gold jewellery and other items will rise. That could help to lift gold and silver prices. If you…

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