These funds help you target today’s megatrends

Article Excerpt

iShares recently published its future megatrends report and launched two new ETFs aimed at capitalizing on them. Here’s your quick look at both of iShares’ new funds. Each one is a buy, but only for aggressive investors willing to bet on the broad unfolding of these industry-disrupting trends. BlackRock’s iShares recently introduced its new megatrend investing outlook, which includes a line of exchange-traded funds aimed at profiting from structural shifts influencing the global economy and society, generally. The five megatrends identified are technological breakthroughs, emerging global wealth and shifting economic power, climate change and resource scarcity, demographics and social change, and rapid urbanization. To profit from these trends, BlackRock introduced two new ETFs: ISHARES CYBERSECURITY & TECH ETF $25.13 (New York symbol IHAK) invests in companies involved in cyber security and technology, including cyber security hardware, software, products, and services. It focuses on those firms at the forefront of the expanding cybersecurity industry. Top holdings are Docusign Inc. (5.3%), Symantec (4.8%), Proofpoint Inc. (4.8%), CACI International (4.4%), Palo…

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