Topic: Growth Stocks

Stock Pickers Digest Hotline – Friday, March 18, 2011

Article Excerpt

The stock market put on a huge rise from mid-2010 through February this year, and this left it ripe for a setback. Japan’s earthquake/tsunami/nuclear plant breakdown provided the trigger for that setback. Events in Japan have been horrific for the victims, of course. The Japanese situation could still weigh on the market for weeks or months to come. However, the damage to Japan is far too isolated and local to put the worldwide economic recovery at risk. World economic growth could slow temporarily while multi-national companies re-think their hiring and investment plans, and consumers re-think major purchases. After they complete their re-thinking, businesses and consumers may speed up their spending to make up for lost time. The outcome of Japan’s nuclear problems could have a big impact. If radiation leakage is widespread, it could spur much more environmental opposition to the nuclear industry. That could shift demand from nuclear to natural-gas power plants, particularly since shale gas discoveries and technology…

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