The Aggressive Investor – October 2007

Article Excerpt

So far, the market downturn seems to have stayed within the limits we envisioned for it in our July 27 Stock Pickers Digest Hotline, and last month’s issue. However, no one can consistently predict the market’s future. That’s why you need to take a portfolio approach to your investments, including any aggressive investments you hold. Our aggressive recommendations vary widely in risk, but we stay away from “all-or-nothing” aggressive stocks that can evaporate overnight. We prefer aggressive investments that can prosper on a variety of fronts. SunOpta provides an example. Its food business contributes 92% of its revenues and has an attractive future as a standalone business. But in addition, its BioProcess division has uncertain but possibly huge potential. It aims to convert low-cost to near-worthless biomass such as sawdust and straw into usable end products such as ethanol. This would have major cost and environmental advantages, since ethanol producers now use costly corn as a raw material. SunOpta’s food business is less exciting, but…

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