Topic: Growth Stocks

The Wall Street Stock Forecaster Hotline – Friday, January 12, 2007

Article Excerpt

APPLE COMPUTER INC. $94.62, Nasdaq symbol AAPL, shot up this week from around $85 after the company unveiled its new iPhone. This combination mobile phone/iPod music player is about three times more expensive than regular phones, but its unique buttonless design and innovative features will probably turn it into a strong seller. The company also wisely priced the iPhone high enough so that it won’t cut into sales of its regular iPods. Cisco Systems has sued Apple over use of the name iPhone. This could threaten Apple’s plan to launch the iPhone in June, but the two sides are likely to settle. Apple also plans to start selling “Apple TV” in the next few weeks. This device lets users watch downloaded movies on their home TV sets, and should spur sales at Apple’s iTunes web site. Since consumer electronics now account for a major portion of its sales, the company plans to drop the word “computer” from its name and call…