2 Dividend Funds for Growth & Income

Article Excerpt

BMO Dividend and Royal Dividend hold mostly high-quality stocks. These stocks sometimes run into deep trouble and go through lengthy struggles, just like lesser investments. Eventually, though, most solve their problems and go on to thrive anew. Both funds hold a high proportion of their assets in financial services stocks. However, if you must focus on something, finance is a relatively stable sector. If you do invest in these funds, be sure to adjust the rest of your portfolio so these funds won’t overly concentrate your holdings in the financial sector. BMO Dividend and Royal Dividend have both outperformed AIC Diversified Canada over the last year, even though it also has a financial focus. That’s because they hold lots of our favourite high-quality stocks. If you’re looking for income and growth, we prefer these two funds for new buying. BMO DIVIDEND FUND $45.82 (BMO Mutual Funds, 77 King Street West, Suite 4200, Royal Trust Tower, Toronto, Ont., M5K 1J5, 1-800-665-7700; Web site: www.bmo.com….