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Hello Pat: I own shares of TSO3 and I would like your advice. TSO3 is waiting for a U.S. FDA approval and has a distribution agreement with 3M. Does this stock have real upward potential? Thanks for your attention.

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TSO3 Inc., $1.43, symbol TOS on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 58.0 million; Market cap: $83.0 million;, has developed an innovative sterilization process that uses ozone, a gas comprised of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone is an effective killer of even the most resistant bacteria and pathogens. What gives the process special appeal is that it can kill even the most stubborn organisms, including the prion proteins that cause mad-cow disease. Prions survive the normal washing and sterilization used in hospitals. TSO3’s first product was its 125L ozone sterilizer, which is used for sterilizing heat-sensitive surgical and diagnostic instruments. Ozone gas is created in an enclosed ozone generator by passing oxygen through an electrical field. The electrical field converts the oxygen present in the atmosphere into ozone. At the end of the sterilization cycle, the 125L ozone sterilizer discharges only oxygen and water vapour. In the three months ended September 30, 2010, TSO3’s revenue fell 2.7%, to $122,759 from $126,162 a year earlier. All…