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Hi Pat: What are your thoughts on Bridgewater Systems? Thanks.

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Bridgewater Systems Corp., $8.35, symbol BWC on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 24.9 million; Market cap: $208.1 million;, makes software that helps wireless carriers better manage voice and data traffic on their networks. That makes their networks more efficient, and improves network security. Bridgewater also believes that its products help its clients increase their revenue. That’s because Bridgewater’s software lets users offer pricing plans linked to bandwidth usage, instead of unlimited, flat-rate plans. As well, by optimizing their network traffic, carriers can more easily offer more services to their wireless customers. Bridgewater has over 150 customers in 30 countries. It gets 90% of its revenue from outside Canada. The company began operating in April 1997. It first sold shares to the public in December 2007 at $5.50 a share. In the three months ended December 31, 2010, Bridgewater’s revenue rose 7.3%, to $22.2 million from $20.7 million a year earlier. Software sales accounted for 72% of its revenue. The remaining 28% came from selling…

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