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Q: Hi. I would appreciate your opinion on Waste Connections (WCN). Thank you!

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A: Waste Connections Inc., $132.56, symbol WCN on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 263.1 million; Market cap: $34.9 billion;, is the former Progressive Waste Solutions. It’s also the third-largest non-hazardous solid waste services company in North America. Its services include waste collection, transferring, recycling and disposal. The U.S. contributes 85% of the company’s revenue, with Canada contributing the remaining 15%. Solid waste collection accounts for 70% of Waste Connections’ revenue; waste disposal and transfer accounts for 23%, while handling waste generated from energy exploration and production accounts for 5% (the remaining 2% is other). The company’s operations are varied: a network of over 279 solid waste collection operations, 113 transfer stations, 56 municipal solid waste landfills, 11 energy production waste landfills, 14 other landfills, 64 recycling operations, 4 intermodal operations, 22 energy production liquid waste injection wells, and 19 energy production waste treatment and oil recovery facilities. Waste Connections continues to grow its business by acquiring waste management businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada,…

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