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Hello Pat: I want to buy shares of Google, but I already have 31 stocks in my portfolio. What is your advice if you have that many stocks and then you want to buy an attractive stock that you recommend? Do you just buy it or add to stocks that are already in your portfolio instead? Thanks.

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In general, if you already hold as many stocks as you do now, and you want to add money to your portfolio, you would buy more of the stocks you already own. But if you spot a particularly attractive new buy, like Google Inc., a recommendation of Wall Street Stock Forecaster, you may consider selling one of your current holdings to buy the new stock. To decide what to sell, you would of course start by checking to see if you hold any stocks that we view as sells. After that, you could eliminate one or more stocks we view as holds. While we obviously see these companies as worth holding, we think they are less attractive than our buys, such as Google. So our holds could be among your choices when you look for stocks to sell. That’s especially so if you own a lot of stocks we see as holds. You might also look to see if you are over-represented in…

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