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Pat, Could I have your views on Coastal Contacts? Thanks.

Article Excerpt

Coastal Contacts, $1.15, symbol COA on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 57.1 million; Market cap: $65.7 million) sells prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses directly to the public through more than 13 web sites. It offers both branded and private-label products to customers in more than 150 countries. Coastal was founded in 2000, and first sold shares to the public at $1 each in March 2004. The company began solely as a North American seller of contact lenses over the Internet, and began to expand internationally in 2006. It now makes over 85% its sales outside of the U.S. The company believes that Lenslogistics AB, its wholly owned subsidiary in Sweden, is the largest direct-to-consumer retailer of contact lenses in Europe. In 2006, Coastal bought a leading online distributor of contact lenses and optical products in the Netherlands, and also added one of the largest online contact-lens distributors in Asia. Coastal assembles eyeglasses in its laboratories (or through contracted third parties) using frames and…