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Hi Pat: What are your recommendations for water stocks in general and for the following water stocks in particular: GWR Global Water Resources, Claymore S&P Global Water ETF, Aqua America and Pure Technologies? Thank you.

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We haven’t found any water-focused stocks we recommend as buys. That’s mostly because the water business has limited growth prospects in developed countries, and is subject to a lot of regulatory hurdles. It may offer more opportunity in developing countries, many of which are in desperate need of clean water, but investing in these countries exposes you to political risk. However, here’s a look at the stocks you asked about: A: GWR Global Water Resources, $6.55, symbol GWR on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 8.8 million; Market cap: $57.3 million;, first sold shares to the public and listed on Toronto in December 2010. At the same time, it bought a 48.1% interest in Global Water Resources Inc. (Global Water). Global Water is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and owns and operates water, waste water and recycled water utilities. It also provides water-management services. Right now Global Water is losing money, and it’s too early to say when it will make a profit. We generally advise…

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