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Q: Pat: What is your opinion on Keyera Corp.? It has a high yield. Thanks.

Article Excerpt

A: Keyera Corp., $36.22, symbol KEY on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 214.1 million; Market cap: $7.8 billion;, provides a number of midstream services to the oil and gas industry, including the collection, processing, storage and shipment of oil and gas. All of the company’s assets are in Alberta, with the exception of one rail and truck terminal in Texas. The company is organized into two business segments: Keyera’s Gathering and Processing business owns and operates raw gas-gathering pipelines and processing plants. They collect and process natural gas and remove waste products to isolate natural gas liquids (NGLs). The NGL is then pumped through long-distance pipelines to clients. The Liquids business uses a network of facilities to process, store and transport by-products of natural gas processing, including ethane, propane and butane. It then markets those products, including condensate, or “drip gas.” That is used as a solvent, cleaner and fuel. In addition, this segment includes Keyera’s iso-octane facilities at Alberta EnviroFuels (“AEF”)…

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