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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of December 06, 2016

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Dear Inner Circle member, Donald Trump’s election only becomes official on December 19, when the Electoral College electors in each state meet to cast their votes. However, the election outcome is already having an impact on U.S. foreign policy. It’s a big change from the Obama approach to foreign policy, which you could sum up as, “If we play nice with other countries, they’ll play nice with us.” On June 24, 2010, for instance, the White House issued a document entitled: “U.S.-Russia Relations: ‘Reset’ Fact Sheet.” The document began: “In one of his earliest new foreign policy initiatives, President Obama sought to reset relations with Russia and reverse what he called a “dangerous drift” in this important bilateral relationship.” The document went on to describe how the President would engage with the Russian government and people so that they can pursue common interests with win-win outcomes. In his 2012 re-election campaign, Obama ridiculed his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, for saying that Russia was America’s…

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