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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of February 22, 2017

Article Excerpt

Dear Inner Circle member, Here’s the text of the most-recent letter I sent to our Portfolio Management clients in late January: “In 2017, déjà vu could turn out to be the investor tool of the year. History always tries to repeat itself, but never quite succeeds—especially in the stock market. That’s why investment success comes more easily if you develop a balanced, healthy sense of déjà vu. In other words, when the investment scene gives you a feeling that you’ve seen it all before, you should try to figure out what it is about the current situation that makes it seem familiar. It may be a trivial similarity. Or, it may be that history is indeed trying to repeat itself. Of course, things won’t work out exactly the way they did before. But examining the earlier outcome can help you narrow down and prepare for what’s likely to happen next. That’s what market indicators aim to do. However, most market indicators look at a narrow range…

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