Topic: How To Invest

What is Pat’s commentary for the week of September 5, 2018

Article Excerpt

We’ve often pointed out that buying stocks when they’re in the broker/media limelight is a risky way to invest. Electric-car maker Tesla Inc. $282.03 (symbol TSLA on Nasdaq) may be today’s best example of what we mean. Founder Elon Musk and his company get a lot of attention because of his past successes with companies he launched earlier in his career, and because some of his business activities appeal to investors who have strong feelings about the risks of climate change. This, though, is no guarantee of success for Tesla. Musk founded Tesla in 2003. The stock has soared since it first sold shares to the public in 2010 at $17.00 a share. The company garners a huge amount of media praise and investor attention for its environmentally friendly products. Musk’s other business activities, including reusable space vehicles (SpaceX) and tunnels for high-speed inter-city travel (The Boring Company), also draw at lot of media interest. However, Tesla has yet to earn…

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