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Power Growth Investor Hotline – Friday, January 20, 2023

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CORTEVA INC., $62.36, is a buy. The company (symbol CTVA on New York) is a leading developer of new seeds and crop chemicals, including herbicides and insecticides, for the agriculture industry. Corteva separated from DowDuPont in June 2019. China recently approved imports of eight genetically modified (GM) food crops. Beijing has taken a cautious approach to GM technology and has not approved any major food crops for cultivation, despite President Xi Jinping’s backing of the technology. Until now, China has allowed the import of GM crops used in animal feed, but not for human consumption. Among those approved is Corteva’s glyphosate (Roundup)-resistant canola, DP73496, first developed by DuPont Pioneer and submitted for approval in July 2012. Meanwhile, Corteva’s outlook remains positive, along with its industry fundamentals. Those bright prospects are supported by rising long-term demand for agricultural products. Farmers will continue to seek improved crop quality and higher yields, which ought to increase demand for Corteva’s seed and crop protection markets. Efforts by the company…