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Power Growth Investor Hotline – Friday, October 16, 2020

Article Excerpt

TWILIO INC., $326.47, symbol TWLO on Nasdaq, is a buy. The company offers a key service to software developers who create mobile apps. Its own software is used to connect apps to essential functions elsewhere on a device, including dealing with phone calls and messaging. Twilio’s product suite is aimed at software developers, who use its tools to create various services for companies, like sending out alerts for flight delays or enabling secure communications between people who have met through a dating website. It also has offerings, like messaging and video capabilities, aimed at improving companies’ customer-support centres. For $3.2 billion in stock, Twilio will now acquire Segment, a customer data platform. Segment, which has nearly 570 employees, also has more than 20,000 customers globally. Generally, today’s firms buy a range of apps to help with online payments, traffic analysis, email marketing, and so on. That results in disconnected pools of data. Segment aims to bring together all that information, allowing companies to…

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