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Q: Hi, Pat. Could you comment on CF Industries (CF) please. Thank you. I appreciate your publications.

Article Excerpt

A: CF Industries Holding Inc., $61.57, symbol CF on New York (Shares outstanding: 194.9 million; Market cap: $12.3 billion; Resources sector; TSINetwork Rating: Average;, produces the chemical compound ammonia as a fertilizer as well as other fertilizer products. It has the world’s largest and most-integrated ammonia and nitrogen production and distribution network. The company produces 10 million tons of ammonia annually, with 3.2 million tons of storage capacity. It operates 23 distribution facilities in the U.S. and Western Canada. On February 27, 2023, CF Industries announced that it had entered into an agreement with South Korea-based Lotte Chemical to jointly assess the development of a start-up clean ammonia production facility in the U.S. In addition, they aim to quantify future clean ammonia demand in South Korea. To be considered clean, or green, ammonia, greenhouse gases emitted during the production process must be cut by 90%. The Lotte partnership is another step by CF Industries to substantially increase its volume of clean ammonia within…