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Q: Dear TSI team, could you share your opinion on WELL Health Technologies Corporation? My quick guess is that you will find it at best (highly) risky, but I’d still like to hear your valuable thoughts. Thank you!

Article Excerpt

A: WELL Health Technologies Corp., $1.68, symbol WELL on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Shares outstanding: 94.6 million; Market cap: $161.5 million;, provides Electronic Medical Records software and services to a network of 852 medical clinics (of which it owns 19). It serves over 4,000 doctors and 15 million patients across Canada and is currently the third-largest Electronic Medical Records services provider in this country. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software creates, stores, and enables online updates and the transfer of patient health records. That helps physicians meet regulatory requirements, qualify for government funding, improve quality of care, and achieve operational efficiency. In 2018, only 15% of Canadians could access their health records electronically while only 8% made an online appointment and only 3% had an online medical consultation. The company’s strategy is to acquire, consolidate, and digitally integrate a portfolio of health-care clinics and EMR service providers in order to provide modern, efficient, and more-profitable health-care services. WELL established its business by acquiring six…

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