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Q: I hold only one mutual fund, the Fidelity Global Innovators Fund. What do you think of its prospects going forward? Thank you.

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A: The Fidelity Global Innovators Fund is a mutual fund that aims to invest in companies with the potential to be groundbreaking innovators, or “disruptors.” The fund looks globally in its search for top firms ready to successfully apply innovative and emerging technology or that employ innovative business models. Fidelity Global Innovators Fund has a high MER of 2.48%, and it has holdings in 177 companies. U.S. stocks represent 87% of its assets. Its top stocks include Meta Platforms, Block Inc., Roblox, Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Coinbase Global and Taiwan Semiconductor. We see a couple of sources of risk with this fund. For one, it is very concentrated in information technology, which represents 35% of its holdings. More important, it focuses on current trends—over the last few years these have included stocks that benefit from remote working, rising gold prices, higher energy prices and so on. Those stocks can be volatile, as momentum traders try to profit…