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Q: I own Valmont Industries stock, and I wonder what you think about it. Thanks.

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A: Valmont Industries Inc., $310.51, symbol VMI on New York (Shares outstanding: 21.3 million; Market cap: $6.6 billion;, is a leader in designing and manufacturing highly engineered products and services for the global infrastructure development and agriculture industries. Large-scale agriculture outfits use the company’s irrigation equipment and services to improve farm productivity while conserving freshwater resources. Valmont’s infrastructure products serve highway, transportation, wireless communication, electric transmission, industrial construction and energy markets. In addition, the company provides coating services that protect steel and other metal products against corrosion. That extends the usable life of these metals, which cuts the user’s long-term costs. In May 2021, Valmont acquired Prospera Technologies, a privately owned artificial intelligence (AI) company based in Israel. Valmont paid $300 million in cash. Prospera is a developer of machine technologies that continuously monitor and analyze plant development, health and stress. The company uses artificial intelligence-based sensors and in-field cameras to help farmers monitor crops. It then analyzes the data to identify pests…