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Q: What do you think about D-Box Technologies Inc. for a highly speculative penny stock to buy? It is starting to report positive profits compared to past quarters. I like the fact it has signed a collaboration with Razer and Cooler Master for haptics chairs for gamers + virtual reality. Thanks.

Article Excerpt

A: D-Box Technologies Inc., $0.10, symbol DBO on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 220.2 million; Market cap: $20.9 million;, has developed haptic technology to enhance the experience of watching movies, taking amusement park rides, using training simulators, playing videogames, etc. The company designs and manufactures its haptic systems for both home entertainment and commercial purposes. Haptic technology is the use of physical feedback to simulate tactile experiences. This haptic feedback is brought about by software that responds to a user’s interaction. Examples are many—like when a controller vibrates during certain actions performed in a videogame or when a smartphone provides a button-clicking noise and/or sensation as the user presses the screen. D-Box’s commercial customers include movie theatres. Its technology can make theatre seats sway and vibrate during the film, to synchronize with and complement the sound and motion on the movie screen. Other customers include arcades, planetariums, theme parks, simulated racing software publishers, and simulation and training services providers. In addition, family entertainment centres…

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