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Q: What does TSI recommend in terms of buying PerkinElmer? Thanks.

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A: PerkinElmer Inc., $128.75, symbol PKI on New York (Shares outstanding: 126.2 million; Market cap: $15.7 billion; Manufacturing sector; TSINetwork Rating: Average;, manufactures analytical and genetic testing equipment, diagnostic tools, and other products and services for the life sciences, food, environmental, and related industries. In September 2021, the company completed the acquisition of BioLegend, a leading provider of life-science antibodies and reagents. PerkinElmer paid $5.25 billion for the business. Reagents are an integral part of any chemical reaction. A reagent is a substance or compound that can facilitate a reaction. As such, reagents are essential for most widely used chemical tests. BioLegend had more than 10,000 customers from 130 countries worldwide. North America accounted for 55% of sales. Asia Pacific (20%) and the rest of the world, including Europe, contributed the rest. This year, BioLegend is expected to have $380 million in sales. BioLegend expands PerkinElmer’s existing life-science business into new segments. At the same time, BioLegend’s state-of-the-art campus in San Diego, California,…