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The Successful Investor Hotline – Friday, March 24, 2023

Article Excerpt

CGI INC., $127.47, Toronto symbol GIB.A, is your #1 Aggressive Buy for 2023. The stock lets investors tap Canada’s largest provider of computer outsourcing services. It helps its clients automate certain routine functions like accounting and buying supplies. That makes companies more efficient and lets them focus on their main businesses. The company fuels its growth with a “Build and Buy” strategy. The “Build” part refers to the expansion of its current client relationships and the development of new ones. The “Buy” part involves making acquisitions. Under the Build part of that strategy, CGI has won a new, 5-year contract from Sodexo, a French company that operates cafeterias in schools, corporate locations and healthcare facilities in 53 countries. It also helps clients maintain their premises, and manage customer reward and employee benefit plans. Under this new deal, which builds on previous contracts, CGI will help Sodexo shift more of its functions to a cloud-computing (Internet-based) platform. That should improve its efficiency and earnings. CGI has not…