These 5 Large-cap Bank-run Funds Are Buys

Article Excerpt

The performance of these five large funds — one from each of Canada’s big-five banks — has suffered over the last year. That’s because they held high weightings in Financial services and Resources stocks. Financial services have dropped due to turmoil in credit markets. Resources have fallen along with commodity prices on fears that an economic slowdown will cut demand for resources. We still feel that the best way to profit in the stock market is to stick with high-quality, well-established companies, and to diversify among the five sectors, and within each sector. However, you won’t go too far wrong with these five funds. They continue to stick with high-quality issues with sound fundamentals, so their concentrations in certain sectors doesn’t add a lot of risk over the long term. Each has its quirks, but overall they are well positioned for low-risk returns. TD CANADIAN EQUITY FUND $19.01 (CWA Rating: Conservative) (TD Asset Management, P.O. Box 7500, Station A, Toronto, Ontario. M5W 1P9…

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