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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of January 5, 2021

Article Excerpt

In early September this year, a friend emailed to ask, “Hey Pat, any ideas re: how I can get smarter re: SPACs in Canada and how they vary from the U.S. versions?” I wrote back, “I can’t imagine a situation where I’d buy or recommend a SPAC, U.S. or Canadian. Hidden conflicts of interest are the biggest risk you face as an investor, because they’re everywhere. SPAC conflicts of interest are right out in the open rather than hidden, and that probably makes them more, rather than less, dangerous on average. I’m sure some SPACs will work out fine, but I don’t like the odds. Does that make sense?” If he’d asked about IPOs, I would have said pretty much the same. However, in this, our first Advice for Inner Circle Members email of 2021, I’m happy to tell you that we’ve come across an investment in which good particulars outweigh bad odds. Longview is an exception to our SPAC rule Longview Acquisition Corp.,…

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